Generous June 2021

Resources for 2021 now available!

Generous June is an initiative that seeks to engage churches, communities and individuals with generosity, by encouraging understanding and promoting activity throughout the month of June.

2021’s podcasts will be arriving here soon – you can find 2020’s podcast episodes here

This year we have two podcasts that offer different insight into the generosity found within 2 Corinthians, feel free to listen to one or the other, or both!

Exploring Generosity in 2 Corinthians

Hosted by the Diocese of Sheffield

Listen to voices from across the Diocese of Sheffield as we explore how generosity as a lifestyle is modelled and encouraged through 2 Corinthians 8 and 9.

Journeying with Generosity

Hosted by the Diocese of Winchester

Join voices from across the Diocese of Winchester as we journey through 2 Corinthians, delving into Paul’s letter through the lens of generosity.