Everything you need to know to get involved with Generous June!

Are you still launching Generous June during the COVID-19 pandemic?

As June approaches, we know that this year, it is going to look very different. We want to use Generous June as an opportunity to reflect on what generosity can mean in the most challenging of times, but also look forward to what our generosity might look like in the future, as our communities come back together.

Can a deeper understanding of generosity bless both ourselves and others during this unprecedented time? What can we learn if we challenge ourselves to look at this rich topic in a fresh way? What could it mean for the communities we live in in this difficult time and when we emerge back out of lockdown?

We pray that Generous June can be a foundation for us as Christ’s people to be a beacon of hope and light in difficult times, showing His generosity in all its forms.

What can we do in our parish to get involved?

Parishes can get involved by signing up to receive more information on our website.

Parishes will be encouraged to engage with Generous June in these different ways:

  • By encouraging individuals to listen to and/or read the daily reflections found on the website; we’re hoping that these will be engaging for everyone in all contexts to get different perspectives on generosity, in all its forms (not just money!)
  • By engaging your congregations to explore generosity through our online Sunday Service resources, enabling a wider conversation about giving and generosity.

When is it? Why June?

Generous June will start on 1 st June 2020. The reason that June was chosen as a good month for a generosity campaign was not just because “Generous June” rolls off the tongue!

June’s position in the Christian calendar makes it a perfect place to reflect on what has come before, with Christmas, Easter and more recently Pentecost taking place, and to look forward to what is to come for the remainder of the year.

What does this have to do with me?

Generous June offers individuals within our churches an opportunity to engage with the theme of generosity in a number of different ways.

Generosity is a key part of our discipleship and walk with God; through these resources, we are encouraging everyone to reflect on their own
position on generosity and see how it can affect their day to day lives.

What resources will be available and where can I find them?

All of the resources will be available on this website and easy to find. Pre-recorded online sermons and other interactive resources will be available to download and use as part of your Sunday services.

There will not be any resources available in print form produced by the Diocese. We hope this makes things simpler and cheaper across the board.

Will the resources be right for my context?

We appreciate that all churches and communities are different and a subject such as generosity must be handled sensitively and with the right amount of care.

We encourage anyone using the resources to review them, if necessary, to understand some of the content before they use them for their services. The Sunday Sermons will be recorded by the Bishops of Basingstoke, Sheffield and Doncaster.

Who is writing the resources?

The Generous June resources are a combination of new content and refreshed content building on existing effective resources developed across the Stewardship and Generous Giving Network of the Church of England.

The daily reflections are a combination of shared material between the two Dioceses and Diocese specific content to ensure engaging contextually relevant material. All new content is written by contributors across both partner Dioceses, including lay and ordained, and drawn
from a wide range of traditions and contexts.

Other material is being provided through partnerships with Stewardship and The Bible Project, with all content used with permission.

Find out more about these organisations here:

Can I engage with the resources after it’s finished?

At this stage Generous June is a pilot project. We hope it will be repeated, and as such all resources may be reused and refreshed.

This year’s resources will be available online for up to a year after June 2020 for anyone to engage with the content when they need to.

Are there resources for different age groups?

At this stage, Generous June is a pilot project with no specific material for varying age groups. After a review, resources for various ages may be developed for future years.

How is it funded?

This resource is free for all parishes to use. Generous June has been produced by the Dioceses of Winchester and Sheffield, in partnership with the National Stewardship team.

Why are the Dioceses of Sheffield and Winchester working together on this project?

The Dioceses of Sheffield and Winchester are different in many ways. Not only are they separated by geography, but also there is a stark difference in our areas’ perceived affluence.

We can share our perspectives and learn from one another and unify on our position of understanding what generosity means and its significance in our everyday lives.

Will we be able to feedback on what we thought?

The Generous June website will offer user feedback on their experience with the resources and the project as a whole. We will use this feedback to improve any potential future projects.