Luke 20

Today’s Speakers
25th June – Ruth Guy – Luke 20

Ruth Guy


Our neighbours have a delightful 7yr old, Elijah, normally wreathed in smiles but battling the effects of severe epilepsy. His special needs school is 40 minutes away in Totton.
During more normal times as I take turns to drive him there, we count car transporters on the M271 and rather hope for fire engines, but the delight for me is the school. Each child is welcomed daily as though it’s been weeks, the facilities are outstanding and a team of 5 care for 8 children in Elijah’s airy classroom. Stunning!
All paid for by taxes. What a privilege to live in a society which forces us to be generous. How proud I am of our Christian heritage which makes ‘giving to Caesar’, our payment of taxes to the government, of such great benefit to the ‘common good’.
We increasingly live in a vacuum of belief and new Christians sometimes struggle with the realisation that living for Jesus means complete honesty on the tax front. A post-Alpha couple were chatting recently about the delight of a customer who regularly pays large sums by cash, ‘to keep it out of our books’.
No one jumped on them, but the Spirit will slowly show them tax payments both help society to flourish and help them to rely on our totally generous God.
Some rail against our Capitalist system but we have a government which is democratically elected, accountable for every penny and criticisable. Praise be.
Taxation isn’t enough. We should be giving on top, but 3 weeks ago the UK’s Department for International Development donated a 7 figure grant to an overtly Christian charity I help with which provides healthcare in Sub-Saharan Africa. If the ‘Caesars’ of the 21st century are happy to do that, I for one, am happy to pay taxes with alacrity.