Luke 17

21st June – +Sophie Jelley – Luke 17 1-37
Today’s Speaker

Sophie Jelley


Saying thank you means a lot. A few years ago we were part of a youth homelessness organisation. Once a week we would prepare a room, make extra supper and wait for a call to come. Often the young person’s story was complicated. A mixture of difficult family circumstances, regrettable decisions or health matters both physical and mental. Sometimes we would have a repeat guest. There was one young man who was always hugely entertaining; he would tell tales of his summer exploits. One day after he had left, I found a feedback form which was an optional part of their stay. He had written, ‘this couple is sound as a pound is around…thanks’. To say he was a bit of a colourful character is to put it mildly but we were both very fond of him and we remember him to this day as ‘sound as a pound is around’ guy. People who find themselves homeless are sometimes sadly treated a bit like the lepers of the new testament, too complicated to get involved with. What’s more the one who returned to thank Jesus in this encounter was a ‘Samaritan’ whom no self respecting Jew would get involved with and certainly not touch – there were laws that made this clear. But actually gratitude so often comes from unexpected people and places and gladly does not conform to religious laws and customs. Our house guest taught us to keep our eyes open with gratitude because people are people and God loves them whether they fit our neat stereotypes or not. The challenge to me is to find ways to bless and encourage; to build up and show gratitude, genuinely, wherever possible. This has a life changing impact and as Mother Theresa is oft quoted ‘We cannot all do great things but we can all do small things with great love.’ May you know that you too are ‘as sound as a pound is around’ as you live out your days influencing the life of the world for good with gratitude wherever God may send you.