Luke 3

4th June – Jane Mitchell – Luke 3

Jane Mitchell (Winchester)


The link I want to make today is between baptism and God’s generosity.
Imagine the weather is very hot, you are seriously overheated, and you jump fully clothed into a swimming pool. WHOOSH! AHHH! The difference in temperature is immediate. You come up to air and realise your body is completely soaked, your clothes are saturated, you feel the cool refreshing water right through to your scalp. The experience is unexpectantly invigorating. It brings right to the fore a fresh perspective of life in mind and body. You abandon yourself for a moment by splashing and squealing in the delight. What a great place to be. Thank you Lord!
I think of baptism like that whoosh of water and jumping into the pool – God’s ongoing work of complete renewal and refreshment. A loving Father’s ultimate, sacrificial act of generosity born out of the death and resurrection of his son, Jesus. We now live in him and he lives in us.
The beginning of Luke 3 is all about baptism. John the Baptist prepares the way for Jesus – “the one more powerful that I” “Who will baptise you with the Holy Spirit and with fire”. This announcement reflects still more of the glory and the generosity given by God to us through baptism of the Holy Spirit.
What is our response to this amazing generosity of God?
• We can give thanks for our own faith and baptism.
• We can be encouraged to grow in faith – if we have two tunics let’s share with someone who has none or if we have food let’s do the same (v11)
• We can allow the Holy Spirit to direct our generosity and be confident that God will do the rest as he brings many more to splash and squeal in delight in His glorious presence.